Achieve your ‘Operational Excellence’ ambitions by delivering the 'Perfect Balance' between 'Technical' know how and 'Cultural' engagement

MaxCap's LEAN Implementation Framework

Here at MaxCap we maximize your people, process and system capabilities, in order to help you achieve your ‘Operational Excellence’ ambitions.

Focusing on desired ‘Outcomes’ we help you to develop the right strategies, to deliver the results that you desire.

We understand achieving true Operational Excellence requires more than just technical competency: it needs a collaborative and innovative culture that engages the entire workforce in continuous problem solving.

We believe LEAN is the most effective methodology to deliver strong, sustainable foundations for any Operational Excellence initiative. Knowing that people are your greatest assets, we help you engage, educate and empower your own people, to ensure true, sustainable success follows.

MaxCap have designed a simple to follow LEAN implementation framework and a portfolio of practical courses that ensure the benefits of LEAN are readily accessible to all companies, even those with very limited budgets. 

We combine our 6 training courses with 1:1 coaching throughout to create a powerful and comprehensive LEAN Leader skills development programme, which runs over a 3 month period. The programme can deliver impressive results and provides an immediate return on your investment!

Maximize your people, process and system capabilities, increase productivity and profitability, drive innovation and achieve sustainable success together!

LEAN Training Courses

Our LEAN training courses have been created to help you move forward at your own pace and test the LEAN theories in a low risk, cost effective manner.
You can book onto our public training courses or contact us to book a dedicated programme exclusively for your business.

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