5S training session - Setting and maintaining good standards!

Today the focus was all around developing and maintaining good standards across the business, ensuring continuous alignment to both the Customer and Business needs!

Great session, taking our delegates on their 5S journey and helping them to really understanding the power of the 5S cycle. We explored how 5S will not only set and maintain physical standards in the workplace, but also how this powerful technique can ensure you leverage the ability of your systems to maximize your process performance capability.

The delegates explored many real life 'Service' scenarios in which 5S could be used to maximize the capability of their physical environments, their systems and of course the processes themselves, which in 'Service' is actually the most powerful application of this technique!

Delving into some more specific supporting tools we ensured our delegates had a firm understanding of how and when to implement mistake proofing solutions and error correction systems. In addition we explored how to create a better future state, how to gain compliance through leader standard works coaching cycles and of course how to ensure your processes remain aligned in their ability to deliver the Customer and Business needs!

Fantastic day with great participation from this group!

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Article by Audrey Boyers

Founder & Principal Consultant

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