Aberdeen! What can I say? It was an absolute pleasure!

Thank you to all our delegates for your attendance, enthusiasm, and active participation throughout the class! We had an amazing day and it was great to see such a fantastic mix of industries with an eagerness to learn and develop further! A big thank you to Carolyn Maniukiewicz from Ideas In Partnership for suggesting that we host a class in Aberdeen, and for helping extend our reach by recommending us through her network.

We get the distinct feeling that Aberdeen is a city full of businesses with great ambitions and we are delighted to be a part of your journey!

Audrey and her Slinky!

We focused on the main challenges, that we as business leaders, face today when trying to successfully and cost-effectively scale up our operations without overburdening our people.

Learning to create 'Business Agility' was the key ambition for this session and we explored the challenges faced, the main root causes preventing success today and of course the key steps to develop effective countermeasures and ensure our businesses can achieve their ambitions going forward.

Developing the capability to flex our internal operations quickly and effectively, with minimal disruption and cost, to enable us to move quickly to meet our changing Customer, Market and/or Business needs is essential in order for us to survive and hold our market share. If we desire to go beyond that ambition and maximize our growth potential, then we need to also go beyond that 'following' status and start to innovate and 'lead' in our areas of expertise. To 'lead' requires us to also learn to listen to our Customers more closely and stretch to meet their future needs through innovation!

I would also like to extend a sincere thank you to the team at the Aberdeen Marriott Hotel for ensuring that our room was perfect and that we were well looked after throughout the day! Our experience with you was first class and I cannot recommend your services enough.

The nature of our training style (30% theory & 70% gameplay) does mean that we have specific setup requirements for our classes that are quite often misinterpreted, resulting in us usually having to reorganize and prepare the room upon arrival. This was not the case here at all! We arrived to an immaculately presented room, set to our exact specification, with a warm welcome from not only Sharlene Rennie, James Chapple and the Hotel team, but also the general manager Abhishek Singh! All this meant that after an early start to the day, and a 3 hour drive up from Livingston, we felt instantly at home and could simply sit down and enjoy lunch whilst we waited on our delegates arriving.

The room all set and prepped before our delegates arrived!

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Michael Tierney (MaxCap Digital Marketing Manager)

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