'Achieving Resilience with Business Agility' knowledge sharing in partnership with CeeD

We were delighted to be invited along yesterday by Joe Pacitti and Gillian Wishart to deliver a webinar session for the CeeD community on 'Business Agility'.

In these challenging times we all need our internal operations to be truly ‘Agile’, as having the ability to flex our business quickly and effectively to follow our customer, market and business needs is absolutely vital for our survival.

Harnessing the power of our entire workforce to deliver that ‘Agility’ will ensure we can rapidly adjust our course to navigate that ever-changing landscape!

CeeD organised this partnered event and Gillian Wishart from CeeD kindly managed the intros and did an amazing job facilitating the Q&A section, thank you!  

Utilising Lean methods as a cornerstone to our model, we took the group through our robust, unique framework that brings a balanced approach between technical know-how and cultural considerations, delivering both successful and sustainable results.

This approach helps leaders gain the rounded skills required to build solid process foundations which support agility, whilst creating an army of practical problem solvers that can drive innovation across your business. Ensure your business can grow effectively and deliver the resilience required to survive and thrive both now and in the future by considering developing 'Business Agility'.

If anyone is interested in finding out more, please reach out to us to discuss your current challenges.

Audrey Boyers


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