Another group of super engaged leaders focusing in on developing Business Agility!

'Business Agility MASTERCLASS', this time in Edinburgh, helping to educate on strategies that deliver agility and supports business growth!

Business Agility Masterclass Edinburgh

I had a really fun time running this course again with yet another new group of business leaders. With leaders from hospitality, professional services, technology, food & drink, software and not for profit organisations it was a great mix, ensuring fantastic discussion throughout! We focused on the main challenges, that we as business leaders, face today when trying to successfully and cost-effectively scale up our operations without overburdening our people.

Learning to create 'Business Agility' was the key ambition for this session and we explored the challenges faced, the main root causes preventing success today and of course the key steps to develop effective countermeasures and ensure our businesses can achieve their ambitions going forward.

Developing the capability to flex our internal operations quickly and effectively, with minimal disruption and cost, to enable us to move quickly to meet our changing Customer, Market and/or Business needs is essential in order for us to survive and hold our market share. If we desire to go beyond that ambition and maximize our growth potential, then we need to also go beyond that 'following' status and start to innovate and 'lead' in our areas of expertise. To 'lead' requires us to also learn to listen to our Customers more closely and stretch to meet their future needs through innovation!

Great to have the privilege to work with such a variety of businesses and successful leaders, we are delighted to help to add a little extra value to their day with a bit of education that can be easily transformed into practical action!

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Article by:

Audrey Boyers

Founder & Principal Consultant

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