Not going to lie, we are a little 'relieved' as our 'Business Agility Masterclass' successfully transitions to an online format!

Absolutely delighted with the positive feedback from our first group of delegates on our new webinar based 'Business Agility Masterclass'!

In the current climate we are all having to rapidly adjust our approach to 'how' we work to ensure we continue to add value for our clients, and for a skills development company like ours, who very much teach through practical game play and hands-on application of the techniques, moving to an on-line format has been a particular challenge!

We really needed to put our thinking caps on and start to get creative!

Focusing firstly on this leadership strategy overview class around developing 'Business Agility', we delved in and reviewed our previous content and class structure. We wanted to really understand how our game-play was helping our delegates embed the theoretical learnings in order for us to identify and protect the key 'value' from those activities.

Identifying those 'value' learnings, our ambition was to protect and grow that 'value' as we transitioned content across to a new 'webinar' format. The challenge was really about how to embed learnings without the game play portion of training and therefore we identified some great 'real-life' client examples which we hoped would help keep people engaged in the new format, whilst also embedding the theory with real relatable stories.

After several days of re-modelling this class we are delighted that feedback has been super positive, however we are not complacent, we know the job is not done, we will continue to refine and improve this class with delegate feedback helping guide us on how best to improve every session that we deliver!

Of course for us this is just the start, although we hope at some point we can get back to face to face training and coaching, we realise in the short term we need to adapt what we do in order to continue to add value remotely for the foreseeable future.

We know our clients still need our help, as everyone faces more and more operational challenges than ever before, and therefore harnessing the power of your entire workforce to help you develop internal operations that can flex quickly and effectively with changing market needs has never been more important simply for survival!

Some people who are not in our line of work have asked me 'Why don't you just change completely to remote training and coaching?' and although on the surface this may seem like a potential future state for us, it is not a situation that will provide maximum gain for our clients and that really matters to us!

So why is it not the best approach long term? Well we know from experience that once relationships, and particularly trust and respect, have formed then on-going remote coaching support works particularly well. However, we also know from many years of training and developing people, that we as coaches learn far more from observing people in action, than just listening to them!

Watching how people work and how they interact with others during training, and of course with their own teams during practical application, really helps us a lot in determining the challenges the individual may face on their 'change management' journey. Successful change leadership requires us to have both technical competency as well as an ability to influence culture through engaging, educating and empowering others!

This early observational opportunity provided to us in the early stages of the journey really helps us to build trusting and respectful relationships with our delegates and ensures that we can focus our coaching efforts on ensuring each individual being developed has a bespoke journey that delivers maximum growth potential from their time in personal development.

If you feel your business needs support in maximising its potential during these turbulent times, then please reach out to us, we are still here, helping, training, coaching, supporting.

You can contact us by simply dropping us an email: or give us a call on 01506 797946.

If you are curious about our 'Business Agility Masterclass' please check out our upcoming training classes here and book yourself a slot!

Stay Safe and Stay Well!

Audrey Boyers


Lean Business Agility Masterclass Webinar

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