At MaxCap we can offer a more personalised,
tailored approach to help you grow more effectively, and achieve your ‘Operational Excellence’ ambitions.

Here at MaxCap we help our Customers grow more effectively and deliver on their specific ‘Operational Excellence’ ambitions.

Not all of our Customers desire to go down the public training route for various reasons, therefore if you have the support to engage on a consultancy basis or you simply wish a more tailored approach to LEAN training or the LEAN Leader skills development programme, then MaxCap can also offer that service.

We have a wide range of other services we can offer, however we always start by seeking to understand the problems you are trying to solve and the outcomes you desire.

 We can then help you to develop clear strategic objectives and goals and ensure you can transform those objectives into an executable plan that your business can then engage with and support!

See below for our range of consultancy services and ‘Contact Us’ to discuss your requirements.

Services Include

Leadership Mentoring

Let us support you to develop the right strategic approach that will ensure you grow effectively and delivers on your specific 'Operational Excellence' ambitions

Lean Assessments

We can help you understand your starting point in your LEAN journey, by conducting an independent assessment of your business and setting a robust baseline

Kaizen Event Facilitation

Providing event facilitation for LEAN rapid improvement events, we can help you deliver real benefits whilst demonstrating the power of the tools & techniques

Opportunity Identification

Facilitation of process mapping & waste identification workshops. Allowing you to surface your opportunities.

Programme/Project Assurance

Providing independent governance and coaching support to your project managers or LEAN Leaders we can ensure your project or your LEAN initiative remains on track and delivers your expected ROI.

Vender Selection

We can help identify the business needs and match them to the right software solution. Maximizing value add, minimizing your costs

Contact us

Every problem is simply an opportunity for improvement.

We are always delighted to listen to your challenges and help advise on an appropriate course of action.

Please contact us for a confidential chat about your needs.

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