Practical Problem Solving - Masterclass

Learn how to drive creativity and innovation across your business by engaging your teams in daily practical problem solving activities.

About this Course

This course will teach you how to educate teams to resolve their own issues and become more capable of self-governance.

Learn how to implement a successful 3C’s (Concern, Cause, Countermeasure) team based problem solving process and gain the practical problem solving skills to help coach your teams to identify and address the ‘true’ root cause/s and prevent problems resurfacing.

With an emphasis on current issues affecting workflow, 3C’s helps the team focus in on process improvements that have an immediate impact on productivity helping to deliver rapid returns.


What topics are covered?

  • How to establish a robust 3C’s process
  • How to ensure the process is visible and remains active
  • How to create and support an environment for innovation
  • Taking the role of the coach
  • Introduction to future state design
  • Understand how to quantify the benefits of quick wins

Who should attend?

Any employee within the business who will have responsibility for leading or participating in change activity.

What are the outcomes?

By the end of this course you will understand how to:

  • Design and implement appropriate team 3C’s (Concern, Cause, Countermeasure) problem solving processes
  • Coach team members to identify and quantify their concerns, identify the ‘true’ root cause(s), and develop effective countermeasures
  • Help teams quantify the benefits of their quick wins
  • Help teams work more autonomously
  • Champion an improvement cycle in any area of the business

A thorough and sophisticated LEAN Leader training programme from MaxCap ensured easy transfer of skills across our teams, enabling us to deliver over 250 ‘Quick Wins’ in our first 6 months!

Derek Paterson - CIO, Craneware Plc

What is included?

Practical 'hands on' Training

We believe that people learn best by doing!

It is only when you apply your learning to real-world scenarios that important questions begin to surface. That is why 80% of our class time is focused on practical application of the tools & techniques. This allows for continuous Q&A throughout and ensures that teachings are properly embedded.

Support Material

We provide ‘theory’ material for post training support and easy education of other team members via our on-line reference library ensuring leaders have access to all of the latest updates, and we actively encourage you to share your new found knowledge with your teams!

Note: Library access is restricted to 3 months post training, unless your company is on our annual support plan where access is available throughout.

Available Dates

Training during COVID-19

We are closely following the Scottish government's guidelines for working safely and responsibly as we continue to provide our training and coaching services to both existing and new clients.

What we teach has not changed. However, to ensure the safety and well-being of both our clients and trainers we have had to adapt 'how' we teach.

This change currently impacts our public training offering where the risk of any possible transmission of the virus could be higher. It is for this reason that we have temporarily suspended all of our public training courses.

Instead, we are focusing on company exclusive in-house training and would request that you contact us directly to discuss your specific training options during this time. This way we can ensure that we follow strict guidelines and remain COVID-19 secure, protecting all parties involved.

Delivery of any training will be dependent on the suitability of the business premises, and our ability to confidently demonstrate adherence to the Scottish government's guidelines for safe and responsible practices, including physical distancing.

This does, however, mean that in some circumstances we may not be able to provide you with face to face training at this time.

If this is the case, then we can still offer support to you virtually, if appropriate, until such a time that restrictions are lifted, and we can resume standard face to face training again.

View our COVID-19 Training Guidelines

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