Delighted that our 'Free' webinars on 'Effective Remote Working' have been very popular!

'Effective Remote Working' webinar tasks now all in our Kanban 'DONE' column!

Three 'Free' live Webinars now completed over the last few weeks, and we have been absolutely delighted with the turnout and the opportunity to meet so many new people and businesses.

Helping clients build robust workload management systems across their organization to maximize productivity and deliver high quality output, including considerations for their remote working/mobile roles, is something that has always been a significant part of our work, and therefore being able to share some of those experiences in order to help those 'adjusting' to this remote working environment has been a privilege!

We are really grateful to all participants for openly sharing their challenges with us both before, during and after these sessions, and allowing us to provide a little guidance on how they can improve their specific situations.

We hope, after attending one of our sessions, that everyone is now feeling a little more informed about how they can best influence how they, and their teams, can remain as productive as possible during these difficult times, and especially how they can best protect the 'well-being' of their people.

Finally, for those that missed the session, it is now available below for anyone that would like to catch it or indeed have a refresher!

Please keep safe and stay well!

Audrey Boyers


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