Early start providing a quick WLCC breakfast talk on managing 'Rapid Growth' at Deer Park Country Club!

Great morning as always with the West Lothian Chamber of Commerce at their networking breakfast in the Deer Park Golf & Country Club in Livingston. Lots of interesting businesses in attendance, great networking opportunity for all and certainly as much fun as I can cope with at 7.30am on a Thursday!

I provided a little talk, to kick us all off, on how to effectively manage 'Rapid Growth' and delivered some key pointers on how to successfully scale your internal operations at PACE!

For anyone that wants a reminder of the key points:

Engage, educate and empower your own people! Goal: Achieve Maximum Value at Minimum Cost!

5 steps to achieve 'Business Agility':

  • Remain Customer Focused
  • Connect Strategy into the 'Day Job'
  • Create & Maintain High Quality Standards
  • Implement Workload Management Systems
  • Develop Practical Problem Solving Teams

Thanks to Brenda for hosting and Nicole for the invitation to speak!

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Audrey Boyers

MaxCap - Founder

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