Exploring new opportunities at the Heathrow Business Summit Scotland

Heathrow Business Summit at the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh offered a unique opportunity for small businesses to meet the giant players in the world of aviation!

President's Suite at Murrayfield

A first for us, as we attended the Heathrow Business Summit Scotland, although we understand these events have been running for a few years. If you haven't been before, then you should seriously consider it, as it provides a unique opportunity to meet many senior managers from the complex Heathrow Supply Chain!

The summits intent is to enable SME's to meet face to face with Heathrow's top suppliers, connecting them to new contacts, advice and business opportunities. The summits are intended to provide an opportunity for the SME's to forge new relationships, discover opportunities to export and of course eventually win new contracts.

An array of impressive organisations are present, with guaranteed appointments lined up in advance, the opportunity is firmly in your own hands! Therefore, my advise would be to get pitch ready beforehand as with only 10 mins with each company and 5 mins to change station, the day flies past in the blink of an eye and the opportunity could easily be lost if you are not prepared!

We met some incredible contacts from some fantastic businesses, opening up great conversations and hopefully starting to plant the seeds of change.

Some of the many suppliers present: Amalga, Babcock Marine, Babcock Airport, Balfour Beatty, Morgan Sindall, Beumer Group, Dyer and Butler, Ferrovial, HSS Hire Group, Jacobs, Palmers, Speedy Asset Services, Thyssenkrupp, Wilson James

We were an unexpected pitch I think for many suppliers as rather than trying to sell our services through them to Heathrow, our ambition was to demonstrate to them how we could help deliver real value to their own businesses!

We explained how we can help them harness the power of their own people to successfully deliver on their operational goals, whilst creating an inclusive and collaborate culture.

We also explained how our Lean framework provides the technical skills required to create an army of practical problem solvers, whilst also pro-actively supporting the creation of a positive mental health environment where their workforce can thrive!

I believe we struck a chord with many, time will tell, either way we met great people and learned a lot about their challenges and therefore, in my opinion, definitely value add and an enjoyable day out!

Article by Audrey Boyers

Founder & Principal Consultant

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