Giving Back: Set aside a little time and offer your support to SmartSTEMs!

Great lunch and get together with the SmartSTEM team, sponsors and volunteers, and a good opportunity to look at the year ahead and of course pledge our support for a very worthy cause!

SmartSTEMs are a fantastic not for profit organisation that are working hard to:

  • Inspire young people into STEM
  • Bring together Education, Business and Social Groups to work in perfect harmony
  • Ensure we create a more socially-mobile, meritocratic and diverse Scotland

They need our support and so please if you are looking for a way to 'give back' to your communities by opening up opportunities to our young people please check out SmartSTEMs!

You can help in many different ways, opening up your venue to support an event, volunteering for an event or help with a workshop for the kids or simply of course open up your wallet and make SmartSTEMs your registered charity!

A worthy cause, a dedicated team working really hard to drive real change across the whole of Scotland!

Thank you to the SmartSTEMs team, Stuart MacDonald, Karen Murray and Emma Bodiam for keeping us informed of all of the various ways we can lend support in 2020, looking forward to getting involved again! 🙂

Audrey Boyers

MaxCap Founder

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