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As mentioned in a previous blog, our desire has never been to move our primary training on-line, and the reason for that is simple, in our line of work there is far more 'value-add' delivered to our clients from face to face learning. We are passionate about returning tangible value, therefore our challenge was in finding a new approach to ensure we could retain face to face training whilst keeping our delegates and our trainers safe.

Training face to face, at least initially, has always been a key part of our teaching structure. Observation is vital, as reading the room, and the individuals, allows us to refine our training and coaching to focus on meeting individual's specific development needs. Face to face training also allows for group participation where we can easily demonstrate concepts to you quickly and effectively through interactive game-play and practical exercises, and the environment actively encourages more questions from you: resulting in an improved learning experience, and a better understanding of the appropriate application of each of the tools and techniques within your specific business.

Our goal is to help you improve your internal operations and maximise your ROI, and how well you do both those things reflects back directly on us. Therefore, we want to be training you in the most effective way possible to ensure you get the best results!

That is why we have made temporary adjustments, in-line with the Scottish Government's guidance on working safely and responsibly, that allows us to continue vital face to face training in a COVID-19 secure way.

We currently have 4 waves of training running successfully under the new guidance and would be delighted to conduct a free risk assessment for your business if you are considering any training at this time but are concerned about employee safety.

In circumstances where these guidelines cannot be followed in full, we will of course continue to offer virtual training and coaching as an alternative, until such a time that restrictions are lifted and we can resume normal face to face training again.

You can view our COVID-19 Classroom Training Guidelines below:


Author: Audrey Boyers (Founder)

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