Lean Leader Training - Learning to develop an army of practical problem solvers!

Delving into 3C's and detailed root cause analysis techniques our Lean Leaders took a real analytical deep dive!

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Finally remembered to take a Team Photo!

The last two days have been intense for our Lean Leaders as they learned their final foundation tools and techniques and how to bring all of their learnings together to maximize impact in their own businesses.

Looking at developing practical problem solving teams, these new skills combine with their previously learned workload management techniques, to allow the teams to become more autonomous and effective in planning and executing their work.

Topics included; 3C's process, brainstorming, affinity diagrams, fishbone diagrams, 5 Whys technique, tree diagrams, Pareto, FMEA, calculating ROI among others!

As always great participation, lots of practical application and deep discussion!

Now the classroom programme portion of this wave of Lean Leaders development is complete, the team will continue implementing their learnings into their day jobs, whilst receiving continued coaching support from their trainer to ensure smooth transition from theory to real-life.

With training material and templates galore available from our on-line reference library, the team will be able to embed their learning through practical application in their respective businesses, educate their own teams and deliver their own improvements, providing measurable return for their executive sponsors on the investment made in their personal development!

Article by: Audrey Boyers

MaxCap Founder & Principal Consultant

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