Mental Health at Work

Proactively helping our clients ensure both their workload
management framework and their organisational culture
are well aligned to drive positive mental health outcomes.

Creating a healthy work environment where your people can thrive!

Here at MaxCap, we are passionate about people! Ensuring our client’s teams reach their full potential and deliver significant operational results is of vital importance. However, we are also acutely aware of the various stresses that we, as leaders, can place on our teams (often unintentionally) as we execute the normal day to day work.

Redesigning ‘how’ we work in order to better accommodate the ever-changing needs of our customers and regulatory bodies, whilst still effectively planning and executing the day job, can create a ‘pressure pot’ environment that leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety, and if we are not careful we can break our people!

That is why at MaxCap, we always consider the ‘human’ impact of change and therefore work proactively with our clients to understand and implement the best technical options, whilst ensuring people are protected and supported every step of the way.

Engage, Educate and Empower your own people to lead change from within!

A Day In the Life Of Doris

A Day In the Life Of Doris

‘A Day In the Life of Doris’ is the story of one woman’s struggle with the pressures of daily life, both personal and professional, and demonstrates how a few proactive changes in general working practices, made by an employer, can help to dramatically improve  their employees work-life balance and support a positive mental health environment.

Many ambitious, forward thinking businesses are comfortable with the technical aspects of managing change. They are aware that their systems, equipment, premises, products, services and organizational structure are all critical considerations. However, even with the best intentions and well thought out strategy, significant change often leads to an unintentional negative impact on culture.

To protect both businesses and their people from this cultural impact it is vital that organisations engage, educate, and empower their own people to participate in, and drive forward, all improvement activity.

This will not only help to maximize everyone’s true potential, and strengthen their feelings of self-worth and purpose, but will also ensure that your ‘Operational Excellence’ ambitions are achieved more easily and with long term sustainability.

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Transforming Your Leaders

As we grow our business, our department and team leaders can often get stuck in a reactive cycle of fire-fighting. Our most experienced and capable people constantly tied up in solving problems, whilst our teams plod through their heavy workload.

What if there was another way? What if we could harness the problem solving capability of our entire workforce, could we actually prevent issues happening in the first place? What would that do for our bottom line? How would that make our people feel? How would it make our leaders feel?

Often when you start a cultural change journey where your intention is to genuinely engage, educate and empower all of your people to help drive success, your current ‘hero’s’ can start to worry.

They may think that they are losing a skill (fire-fighting) that currently sets them apart from others. A skill that is recognised as value add, and often rewarded, by their own leadership!

We have to ensure we support these business leaders as they learn new skills and begin the switch from ‘reactive fire-fighters’ to ‘proactive coaches’.

Let’s start to reward business leaders for growing talent across the business, and for helping their teams reach their full potential!

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