Welcoming a new wave of delegates on their LEAN Leader journey!

Welcoming our new wave of delegates yesterday in Edinburgh, on day one of their journey on our 3 month LEAN Leaders Skill Development programme, we were excited to get them started with a day of strategic planning.

Lots of game play and activities helped to demonstrate the core LEAN principles and how to approach various strategic challenges. The knowledge gained, allowing the team to start to consider what are the key strategic objectives in their business that they wish to influence as they venture on their learning journey with MaxCap!

This programme is not all about the training classes, each delegate will receive personal 1:1 coaching to ensure all that 'fun' learning is transformed into real practical wins for their relevant businesses.

Our ambition is to enhance these existing leader's skills even further, by helping them to become 'Super Coaches' and ensure they have the power to engage, educate and empower every member of their team to gain maximum business impact!

Let the journey commence!

Article by Audrey Boyers, Founder of MaxCap

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