Time-out for Personal Development at the AccelerateHER Bootcamp!

I believe that learning is a life-long journey and everyone can always improve and expand their levels of knowledge and understanding, however I also completely understand that it can often feel like you simply don't have the time to invest in improving yourself, when you feel you are way too busy doing the work!

Sometimes we need to remember to practice what we preach, and so here I am taking my own advice, attending the AccelerateHER Bootcamp supported by Investing Women and learning lots from an incredible group of fabulous women who are all facing similar diverse and often complex challenges as they grow their various businesses.

By listening to, and learning from, each others stories, and of course gaining some fabulous insights and advice from the Investing Women Angels and their team, the day has brought me some needed clarity in a couple of key areas, which will prove tremendously helpful and ensure that 'day job' is just that little bit lighter!

Many thanks to the fabulous teams at both Burness Paull and Investing Women for all their efforts in organizing the day and of course to the speakers, facilitators and Angels for their time and effort, a great event I would recommend to any entrepreneur looking for support!

Article by Audrey Boyers, Founder of MaxCap

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