Practical Problem Solving and Teamwork at Insp-Hire Event!

Empowering teams and educating our future generation on what real 'Superheroes' look like!

Insp-Hire, SmartSTEM, Nine-Twenty, Glasgow
MaxCap Team Ready for Action

What an amazing turnout at the Insp-Hire event yesterday (14th Sept 2019) at Glasgow Caledonian University Campus, with companies from all areas of STEM poised and ready to inspire the 1500 parents and children that came through the doors to consider future careers in their sector, we felt privileged to be included in that great line-up!

Our part was focused on those children that have an inquisitive mind and love a good problem to solve. All companies, including STEM need great problem solvers, not just in their own roles, but in particular to engage, educate and empower others.

Our aim was to help kids understand that process improvement is an exciting opportunity where you have the privilege to work together with great people to solve different problems on a daily basis!

We had two lovely extra helpers in 'Cheryl' and 'Harry' who ran our problem solving game play at our exhibition stand all day and never had an empty table, well done for all your hard work and making it fun for the kids and parents alike!

Practical Problem Solving, Lean training, MaxCap
Natural Problem Solvers

Lesley and I also ran multiple workshops, with multiple teams, with the focus on allowing the teams to experience process improvement themselves. Through multiple rounds of game play we provided the kids (and their parents) the opportunity to problem solve their way to improved performance times.

Congratulations to the our winning team the 'Victors' who turned out to be aptly named and proving that age is no barrier to a teams success as their team contained the youngest player of the day!

The secret to their success was working to their teams strengths and supporting each other throughout, as well as some really great problem solving, well done!

Our theme for the day was around Superheroes, and educating the kids that a leader's real powers should be in transforming into 'Super Coaches' and learning how to engage, educate and empower their own teams of 'Avengers', then they will achieve greatness TOGETHER!

Lean Leaders, Lean Training, Empowering People
Gain New Superpowers!

Many thanks to Nine-Twenty and SmartSTEMs for inviting us, we had a fabulous day and were really blown away by how well organised the event was! Many thanks also to the numerous 'Helpers' on the day, your assistance was very much appreciated

Article by Audrey Boyers, Founder of MaxCap

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