Results: Its all about the practical application!

Great to see our Lean Leaders making real progress within their own businesses with a little coaching support!

This week has been jam packed with coaching support as our Lean leaders start to really make an impact in their own businesses by practically applying some of the new techniques they have learned.

It is exciting and satisfying to support our fledgling leaders as they now engage with their own teams to spread their knowledge and start to improve their own environments.

This is all part of our Lean Leader programme, 8 days of training spread over a 3 month period with built in coaching to ensure the Lean Leaders have the confidence and support to start applying the techniques immediately and gain the improvements the businesses desire as quickly as possible!

Two of our clients, shown below, are actually in the same service space, but at very different stages of their growth journey. This means that they face totally different challenges, both technically and culturally moving forward. The techniques they have learned through the Lean Leader programme are relevant no matter what stage of growth your business is at and indeed has helped them both identify, prioritize and now start to implement the relevant and personalized next steps which will help them deliver their own company's growth ambitions!

Article by:

Audrey Boyers

Founder & Principal Consultant

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