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graham mcwilliam

Managing Director

I was fortunate enough to attend a Business Agility class in Aberdeen recently, run by Audrey Boyers and her team at MaxCap Consultants.  The course content was very relevant and excellent value.  I also enjoyed the practical exercises and could relate these to our requirements within Glencraft.  Highly recommended.”

Derek Paterson

Chief Information Officer

Craneware plc has had the great pleasure of launching our Lean Transformation under the consulting guidance of Ms. Audrey Boyers from MaxCap. We first engaged MaxCap to help enhance our Operational Excellence strategy, Ms Boyers assisted in the selection of a methodology with a good fit for a dynamic, fast growing company which has significant procedural demands in handling sensitive healthcare data.  Together we developed the strategic approach for establishing a Lean culture and framework of appropriate tools and techniques for our specialized industry.

In her role as Lean Consultant, Ms. Boyers helped develop the governance structure, communication framework, and thorough and sophisticated training program heavily customised for our Software and Service business. Through establishing the Lean training program, she developed the skills of both Lean Leaders and Lean Trainers; her attention to this important aspect of our Lean transformation has resulted in sustained success of Lean in our organization through the development of high-performing, customer-focused teams.  We would also be remiss if we did not mention the tremendous initiative led by her to align Lean, Agile, and Scrum methods to improve the performance of our Engineering teams.

Ms. Boyers’ investment in our success has extended well beyond her disciplined, driven example, attention to detail, and resourcefulness. Her expert experience has proven invaluable as she has guided and cultivated our top talent to protect and grow what is valuable at Craneware. Her relentless dedication to customer service and future-focused vision have positively impacted the culture of Craneware, setting the conditions for effective, efficient, and principled transformation to deliver better outcomes for all of our customers.

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QA and Continuous Delivery Consultant

I took part in a Lean Leadership journey, led by Audrey Boyers from MaxCap, whilst I worked as a QA Engineer for my previous employer. The training and particularly the coaching I received has totally changed the way I now see software development, as well as changing the way in which I approach problems and now look at processes across organisations.

After spending a dedicated week focusing on learning the basics of Lean theory and methodologies, Audrey then supported me in applying those techniques within my team in order to improve our productivity. I was supported throughout with regular coaching sessions where I provided and received feedback on how I , and my team, were doing adopting these techniques.

The coaching allowed me to take the initiative in, and the ownership of, applying the techniques I had  learned, whilst Audrey’s support was always available when I needed to reflect. I believe what I have learned from Audrey will be valuable to me throughout the rest of my career.

You can watch a more detailed case study of my applied learning here:

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Software Engineer & Lean Trainer

As a software engineer without any prior Lean experience or knowledge, I was intrigued when my manager put me forward for a five day internal Lean Leader training course run by MaxCap. Audrey Boyers was leading the training and one of the aspects of Audrey’s training which I found particularly useful was her ability to clearly explain in detail the Lean concepts and techniques as they relate to my day to day work and also how they complement and integrate with our existing scrum process. This course led me to be able to quickly implement meaningful changes in my own development team which has resulted in both increased volume and quality of output.

Audrey has also helped me to push myself to become a Lean Trainer in my own right within the organisation, as my mentor and coach Audrey supported my in-depth study of the methodology and through additional ‘train the trainer’ workshops and practical coaching experience she has enabled me to become a vital and knowledgeable support for our business and I now play an important part of our sustainability plan as a key member of the Lean Technical Team. With her support and guidance I have been able to grow my skills beyond my expectations and I have been able to help implement real change across the business. Her understanding of the Lean concepts allows her to speak to the entire business at all levels with confidence and assurance in a way that takes the theoretical into something practical and her experience of using the Lean techniques in practice means she can always demonstrate how best to apply them to bring maximum value.

I have seen Audrey work equally well with large groups over several days and in more focussed one-to-one sessions and she is able to switch communication styles to suit her audience. When introducing a new topic she is direct and clear in her approach but will move to a more supportive role once the group grows in confidence and competence with the idea, while still keeping focus on the core concepts, thus ensuring that participants are comfortable and stay on course in their learning.

I would readily recommend to anyone seeking to implement sustainable change management to work with Audrey and implement Lean methodologies as I have seen first-hand the difference this will make to any business willing to engage in a sustainable continuous improvement cycle. This approach will see a culture change take hold where teams will take ownership of issues affecting them and will work to resolve them. They do this by working collaboratively and making changes using a structured problem solving approach backed by metrics, ensuring speedy improvements are made before they become large problems. Individuals will be involved in setting process standards and then continually seek to improve those standards using simple iterative techniques. I can’t think of a more effective way to bring forward positive change and with Audrey’s wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as her extremely helpful manner, I believe Audrey to be very well placed to support any company on their journey to operational excellence.

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Veronica Anzalone

Marketing Manager & Lean Communications Advisor

Audrey served as Lean Consultant for my employer, where she developed and delivered the strategy, framework, and training program for our Lean transformation. Audrey was my mentor and coach, and her dedication to my development as a Lean Leader and Lean Trainer set the foundation for my achievement in what has been a tremendous professional and personal opportunity.

With great ease and vision, she leveraged her discipline, resourcefulness, and experience to fully support the growth and progress of each of us in the training program, preparing us to sustain program success independently. Success is the result of intentional effort – Audrey is dedicated to providing her clients with the tools and skills they need to deliver on their vision and mission.

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Lean Program Coordinator

As an individual who had never heard of Lean prior to Audrey’s introduction, I have to give her credit for being the driving force throughout my Lean journey.  Her extensive knowledge of the subject matter allowed her to provide day-to-day examples to help me grasp the concepts of Lean methodologies and how to apply them.

The ability to demonstrate focus, consistency and support throughout my mentoring process only supports how dedicated she is to ensure her clients are setup for success by providing the best customer service available.  Whether coaching one-on-one or group-style training, Audrey’s message remains clear, “Continuous improvement is about continuous learning, it is a life long journey and therefore it is ok to take it one day at a time”

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Customer Experience Manager & Lean Trainer

Audrey Boyers has been an amazing coach and mentor in my journey as a Lean Trainer.  Her approach is meaningful and thought-provoking, taking the time to truly understand our current business processes in order to help relate the Lean methodologies being learned to ‘real life’. 

Additionally, Audrey developed countless training materials – guides, templates, process maps, etc. – that are essential as we continue to embrace process improvement with Lean.

She is patient, collaborative, persistent, and fair – all attributes that allowed Lean to be successful not only in how I approach my daily work, but across the entire organization.

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Keith Peach

Regional Managing Director EMEA

I first had the pleasure of meeting Audrey in my recent appointment as Regional Managing Director EMEA, for Weir SPM. Audrey worked alongside me, and my management team, to fully understand the issues we faced and our desire to create the future state. Over the next 9 months, with Audrey’s excellent leadership, inspirational and engaging communication skills, I’m proud to say we now have a workforce that are fully engaged with, and understand the importance of the ‘continuous improvement’ journey.

During this journey Audrey has been inspirational in developing the ‘future state’ roadmap for our asset management rental business, and creating an adaptive culture that is aligned to both our customer and business goals.

As part of this business cultural change process, we identified the importance of creating the ‘next generation of lean leaders’ from within the business. In the beginning we had a number of ‘sceptics’ within the operations, however with Audrey’s training, coaching, influencing and mentoring skills these ‘sceptics’ are now amongst the most committed leaders in the business.

I have no hesitation in recommending Audrey, her proven track record and technical expertise combined with her enthusiastic, engaging personality, makes her an ideal choice to support any company on their improvement journey.

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Justin ‘Tristan’ Cummings

NPI Process Leader

It can be difficult to make real change in a business. Audrey’s cool, calm, and collected nature made it look easy. She came to the location where I was assigned. Most of the people there were inexperienced with Lean. She was informative, professional and friendly. She was extremely knowledgeable in how to apply the particular tools we required for improvement. As obstacles arose, she was able to pull from her wealth of experience to resolve the issue. She brought the different functions together to unravel our knotted process, and ultimately improve my company’s bottom line.

Iain Mackay

Chief Information Officer

Audrey made an immediate impact in our business by defining and implementing the governance structures required to ensure that business change was more of a controlled process, rather than the previous chaotic environment. The Business Improvement function within Wolfson was a relatively new concept and the culture change instigated by Audrey required a great deal of planning, communication and data-based persuasion to attain buy-in from the executive team and a largely cynical R&D engineering led business.

Audrey won the hearts and minds argument and went on to deliver a number of early quick-wins as well as delivering longer term projects which had a very positive effect on the company’s ability to expand and manage remote sales offices, control manufacturing operating costs and support many internal HR initiatives.

Stephen Doran

Chief Operating Officer

I had the pleasure of working with Audrey during my four-year tenure as Chief Operating Officer at Wolfson Microelectronics. During this period Audrey successfully implemented a number of Business Improvement initiatives that enabled the business to not only become more efficient but also become more integrated and make faster and more deliberate data-based decisions.

Audrey has tremendous and natural customer focus and a willingness to develop solutions that will bring direct benefit to her customers. Coupled with a tenacious program management drive to meeting cost and schedule to expectations she succeeds in setting high standards in program execution.

Audrey is an excellent communicator and effectively manages all stakeholders for her programs through regular reviews, communications methods, clear priority setting and steering reviews to ensure her customers are aligned with the solutions being developed. An effective manager and leader, Audrey achieves a high level of focus, accountability and delivery from her teams while also building loyalty.

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Stephen Roe

Chief Technical Officer

Audrey is an excellent coach and can work at all levels in an organisation. She is very experienced and understands very well the context of the work she is doing. She is direct, authoritative and very effective.

Richard Cherry

Director of Corporate Services

I have worked with Audrey on a number of joint projects, both within my capacity at Olympus and within the IFS User Group.

Audrey is an experienced, driven and very capable manager who was instrumental in forging a strong relationship between our two organisations, particularly with regard to the IFS CRM solution that we both operate.

After an initial discussion at an IFS User Group conference, Audrey recognised our common goals and developed the concept of an innovative ‘customer partnership’ approach that she was able to present in a succinct manner with clearly defined tangible business benefits.

The results were impressive, with improved supplier relationship management and significantly reduced development costs for both organisations.

I have subsequently seen Audrey successfully repeat this approach with other organisations (and other areas). In a global economy that requires business to constantly review its cost base and demonstrate value for money, Audrey’s ingenuity has not only enabled Wolfson to maximise return on its systems investment, but it has also allowed other companies to benefit from new ideas and sharing of best practice.

My managers have found Audrey a pleasure to work with – willing to share her experience (including benefits and pitfalls) while also being open to alternative views and always striving to achieve the best overall solution.

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Sharon Shields

Director of Operations

I had the pleasure of working with Audrey across multiple sites in the UK during my time at Weir Group plc as Director of Operations for Weir Engineering Services. During this period, Audrey successfully lead our Heads of Sales and Operations to transform the business commencing with a successful “Customer Segmentation process” and then streamlining our service and product offerings to suit.

Audrey is a driven leader, with excellent communication and project management skills and a strong customer focus. Audrey’s natural ability to identify business improvement opportunities throughout the order to cash cycle enabled many areas of our business to become more efficient, improve communications and use data to drive decision making.

Audrey quickly gained trust with the leadership team through her outstanding listening skills which supported her to deliver rapid progress on our change management agenda.

I would highly recommend Audrey, her attention to detail, decision making capability and ability to see the big picture makes her particularly effective.

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