SmartSTEMs & MaxCap: Finding our future Problem Solvers!

We were invited along today to the "STEP into STEM" Event, hosted by SmartSTEMs and supported by the West Lothian College and DYW West Lothian, to run workshops for some of the students in attendance. "STEP into STEM" brings together a variety of STEM businesses and is designed to help S1 - S3 pupils understand the potential opportunities and career paths that lie within the STEM sector as a whole!

Ready for the workshops with the kids!

Today, we focused on "Problem Solving" and helping our pupils understand whether they had a natural ability, and the resilience required, to be successful in the world of change management! Our Cube game went down a treat (I mean, who doesn't love a fun, colourful puzzle right?) and it was great to see so many young pupils with a genuine interest in more technical jobs!

Below are a couple of the teams hard at work!

Linlithgow Academy Team
James Young High School Team

The team from Linlithgow Academy took the victory today, with Joe smashing our previous record and completing our Cube puzzle in just 10 seconds! Outstanding performance! Congratulations to Joe and the rest of the Linlithgow team for a fantastic result, and to all of the other students who took part throughout the day!

The final scoreboard!

Thanks to Karen Murray (SmartSTEMs) and Arlene Nicol (DYW West Lothian) for inviting us along, we had a blast!

Michael Tierney (MaxCap Digital Marketing Manager)

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