Strategy Deployment Training - How to effectively execute your Strategic Objectives!

Our new LEAN Leader delegates spent the day understanding what 'good' Strategy Deployment looks like and how to avoid the issues that lead to poor execution!

67% of CEO's fail to deliver on their strategic objectives due to poor internal execution! (Harvard Business Review 2016)

Today we took our delegates on a learning journey, which will enable them to ensure they can design and implement effective internal operational strategies, which will successfully deliver on their strategic objectives.

In addition to the technical skills gained, we ensure the delegates understand the cultural considerations and relevant human strategies that they need to implement to ensure the entire workforce is engaged in, and aligned to, delivering the company's strategic goals!

Continuous alignment with the company's high level strategic objectives and a fully engaged workforce, will ensure alignment throughout the year, even when objectives change, creating true business agility!

MaxCap Lean Leaders, Lean training, Strategy Deployment, Leadership Development

Article by Audrey Boyers, Founder of MaxCap

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