Surfacing Opportunities - 2 training days focusing on process mapping and waste identification techniques!

Our Lean Leaders are learning how to become experts in surfacing and quantifying improvement opportunities!

Our current wave of Lean Leaders are now getting down and dirty with the detail, learning lots of new techniques over the last 2 days they are now ready to start surfacing opportunities across their own businesses and looking to improve.

Day 1 was an intensive look at techniques like Value Stream Mapping, Activity & Deployment Flowcharts, SIPOC maps and of course let us not forget the importance of identifying ownership with RACI charts and 'Accountability' taking centre stage!

A bit of theory on the 'why' to ensure the team understand the appropriate application of each technique and the value it will bring on their improvement journey and of course a LOT of practice, with the teams taking to the walls to map out various service scenarios, building their confidence with each one they created!

Day 2 we turned our attention to surfacing opportunities, again a little time spent on the theory around all 3 types of waste Activity (MUDA), Overburden (MURI), and Variation (MURA) ensuring the team understood the value of each technique before we moved forward.

Then the team again turned to LOTS of game play with various exercises to help them identify waste, we particularly love the giant snake that one of our team's created during an exercise, bonus points for display creativity!

Another big topic throughout the 2 days was 'data', we have been teaching the team how to develop valid metrics of process capability and performance to ensure they can put a stake in the ground BEFORE they change. This will allow them to accurately declare a genuine return on their time investment (ROI) on all changes made, celebrate their successes and of course be able to fund further improvement efforts.

Educating on how to quantify waste and its current impact in order to help prioritize improvement efforts was also a key feature which we will be build on further during their future training on root cause analysis, as the team have now come to realize that the waste is simply the visible symptoms we see in our processes, the root causes are what we need to find and fix!

Article by Audrey Boyers

Founder and Principal Consultant

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