We're visiting Glasgow, and in a "speedy" fashion!

An early start to the morning yesterday (I need to start getting used to that) with a journey into Glasgow to attend the Speedy Meet Networking Event at Browns in George Square. This was my first networking event in Glasgow, and it was a great one to start with: well organized, well structured, and an excellent turnout! Thanks to Stephanie Connell for making me feel welcome, you did an excellent job as a stand-in host for Lesley Collins (who I will need to introduce myself to at the next event).

The Staff at Browns were excellent and very accommodating!

I was the first attendee to arrive, so made myself at home in the bar and ordered a pot of breakfast tea to settle the winter chill. I was quickly joined by Graeme Beattie and Nikki McGowan, who were also first timers to this particular event, and all three of us were relatively new to the networking scene. We spent the following twenty minutes breaking down any newbie nerves that we had (and there wasn’t many of them to be fair) whilst we waited on the rest of the party to arrive.

Quick selfie with some of the other attendees at the bar!

Once everyone was in and settled, we headed downstairs to a more formal setup where we spent the next forty-five minutes meeting one to one (three minutes at a time). This was the first time I had attended any “speed” networking event and I have to say that the structure is one of the things I really enjoyed! It takes away that awkwardness, and often rude interruption, of having to step into conversations with groups that have already formed in normal networking scenarios. For anyone that knows they should be networking, but often finds themselves a little socially awkward at standard events and therefore chooses not to attend, I would highly recommend speed networking as a starting point for you!

A glimpse of the formal networking area. I thought the format was excellent!

Overall, Speedy Meet Glasgow was friendly, comfortable and sociable. I met more potential customers, suppliers and partnerships than I normally would get a chance to in any other networking event and I will be back to attend more in the future!

For anyone else looking to attend, Speedy Meet holds their event on the last Wednesday of every month!

Until next time Glasgow…

Michael Tierney (MaxCap Digital Marketing Manager)

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