Workload Management Training - Quality vs Velocity!

Balancing Quality vs Velocity
Balancing Act

Workload Management training for our Lean Leaders, focused on creating a workplace that pro-actively supports positive mental health whilst maximizing Productivity!

Great day with the latest wave of Lean Leaders as we explored in detail 'Workload Management' concepts and techniques!

Really interesting discussions evolved as we delved into the various techniques and how they can be implemented to gain maximum benefits in what is a very mixed set of complex situations.

All of our delegates have very different, complex and fast moving work environments in their respective Service businesses and it was great to see them take their learning's and spark ideas for practical application, not only for their own workload challenges, but for each others!

What is Workload Management?

Workload management techniques are simply the processes we implement and the skills that we develop in order to effectively balance and execute our daily work activities.

We focused in on two areas: Planning and Execution

Why does it matter?

In 2016 Harvard Business Review confirmed that 67% of CEO’s failed to deliver on their strategic objectives, due to poor execution!

In 2017 the National Employee Wellbeing Survey reported 84% of employees experienced work-related symptoms of poor mental health!

We believe one of the biggest challenges facing business's today is how to improve their strategy execution whilst also pro-actively supporting a positive mental health environment!

Workload management plays a key part on that journey creating the foundations to effectively execute the work required, whilst pro-actively creating the framework to prevent overburden of our people!

Workload Management is like any other major business process within our business, without a standard process in place, it is impossible to improve our performance.

Installing good workload management processes and skills across our business can have a real positive impact on many of our business results, including productivity, quality and rework rates.

However, more importantly it removes unnecessary pressure on our people and ensures we help keep our workforce healthy!

Our ambition for our Lean Leaders is to pro-actively create a work environment that:

  • Prevents exasperating any existing mental health condition
  • Prevents causing new mental health related symptoms

How do we get started?

  1. Make the work visible! - We help the teams understand how to develop great visual management systems to ensure they can effectively manage their workload and that of their teams. Kanban boards both physical and digital are explored in detail!
  2. Build small work teams, even for solo workers - No-one should feel that the work burden is solely their responsibility, we teach the Lean Leaders how to make everyone in the business feel part of a team, even those solo specialist workers.
  3. Introduce PDCA (Improvement Cycles) and support with regular scheduled stand-ups - Implementing processes with a built in PDCA cycle ensures continuous improvement of both planning and execution skills as well as flushing out process issues across the business!
  4. Ensure teams collaborate, support each other effectively, and ensure everyone has a voice! - Learning to create structures that encourage teamwork and collaboration is vital in ensuring we gain the results we desire.
Lean Leader Training

Article by Audrey Boyers

MaxCap Founder & Principal Consultant

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